Who we are


To the exciting future

We believe that technology originally exists to make the world, society, and people happy.

Whether it's the great invention of the century or the small technological innovation that never catches the eye, it always leads to the world's happy progress somewhere. That's why we work diligently on our daily work.

What kind of happiness will this technology create in the future?
What kind of technology will we need for future happiness?

Converting such imagination into infinite energy, we will steadily update society and ourselves with ideas, technology, and execution.
We are Sumitomo Heavy Industries Mechatronics Division.


To the exciting future

In a future society where the future is uncertain and anxiety is more likely to stand out than hope, our mission is to bring together our strengths, which include a straightforward approach to technology and a mind that enjoys creativity, to help people look forward to the future. The goal is to create a society where people can find happiness in sustainability.


Make the future something to look forward to.



keep in harmony

We continue to ask ourselves whether our decisions and actions provide sustainable value that is in harmony with our colleagues, customers, society, and the earth.


keep imagining

We continue to imagine how our products will specifically contribute to the happiness of our customers and the society beyond them.


keep exploring

We will continue to explore unique value without being bound by conventional wisdom, always keeping an open mind to all possibilities of what electricity and machines can do.