High performance collaborative robot Sawyer

Do you have any of the following problems?

  • Worried about whether the robot can move safely in the presence of people
  • Can you successfully direct and coordinate subtle tasks?
  • I want one machine to do multiple jobs for high-mix, small-lot production!


  • Stops when approaching,
    absorbs impact when
    bumping into, and does not
    harm people

  • 7-axis construction for
    smooth movement even in
    tight spaces, eliminating the
    need for safety fences

  • Imitates human skillful work
    such as subtle force

  • Delicate adjustment
    capability to cover small
    deviations and errors

  • Flexible movement for complex series of tasks

  • Easy setup for learning tasks by simply moving your hand with it

  • Lineup of various hands for a wide variety of tasks

SAWYER is different here!

  • Soft structure and safety
  • Flexible 7-axis structure
  • Reproduction of human work
  • Reliable domestic maintenance system
Soft structure and high safety

Unique safety features Equipped with SEA (Series Elastic Actuator) to work with people without safety barriers
Even if contact is made, the impact is reduced and the system stops softly for peace of mind

Soft structure and high safety

You can feel the “bump” or “touch”

Ideal for reproducing human behavior

It can be pushed back in the event of a robot collision, making it very safe and secure

Arm in collision at 1500mm/sec.

Flexible 7-axis structure

Seven spring-loaded joints provide flexible movement for delicate, human-like "tip-sensing” exploration.

  • ■ Delicate adjustment of the slightest position

    Slight misalignment is covered by the sensor and flexible movement for precise work.

  • ■ Mimics human skilled work

    The flexibility of the joints and the force detection function enable operations that require skilled force, such as polishing work.

  • ■ Absorbs distance error and follows the opponent

    The soft force and smooth operation of the joints gently follow the object without damaging it.

  • ■ Absorbs distance error and follows the opponent follows the opponent

    Parts can be picked up and set quickly and accurately.

Finely adjust small positions

Master complex tasks easily

Replicate human work

Easy setup for everyone, no technical knowledge required

【Direct teaching memorizes and accurately reproduces tasks】

【Easy setup of complex tasks with a browser】

  • Can be connected to a PC to set up and change tasks
  • Suitable for delicate work while exploring the position
  • Intuitive instructions on the 3D screen for position correction after moving to a new location
  • Expanded functionality with built-in software upgrades

No programming required, detailed
settings in Google Chrome

【Landmark function that can correct the position even if the object is misaligned】

Correct and accurately work with pick/place locations by loading landmarks first.

Testimonials from introduced customers

We were looking for a robot that we could automate our own processes because they change slightly from month to month. Machine manufacturer sells and maintains I feel secure in the fact that they do the same thing as the domestic manufacturers. I really liked the fact that it was no different from a domestic manufacturer. They also verified the operation of the system before installation, so I was able to purchase the system with peace of mind. Thank you very much.

Recommendations from Engineers

Sawyer is a revolutionary cooperative robot that can teach directly with both hands because it does not use a teaching pendant system. Sawyer is the only cooperative robot with a flexible joint structure that can reproduce human work, and it can be used in a variety of processes. It is used in the manufacturing industry for loading and unloading equipment, packing boxes, and simple assembly. The eyes on the monitor are designed to look like a human face, so it is also used as a robot to make coffee. It is exactly like a companion who works together with the robot on site.

【Full lineup of hands】

■ Genuine Rethink Robotics hand

■ Hand made by SCHUNK

■ Hand made by Zimatec

Reliable domestic maintenance system

We have a 100{}epair system in place to handle maintenance and operation consultations.

We are active in the following tasks

Material handling + labeling

I want to automate everything from labeling to boxing

Automation from product flow through the line to boxing of finished products that have passed through the labeling machine

  • ・Reduction of human burden
  • ・Stabilization of quality
  • ・Simplified safety systems

Injection molding + inspection + palletizing

I want to improve quality by eliminating variations in work

Automation of a series of operations such as setting on the molding machine, taking out, and inspection, etc., is performed at high speed and in a homogeneous manner.

  • ・Reduction of human burden
  • ・Stabilization of quality
  • ・Simplified safety systems

Electronic Component Production

I want to automate parts manufacturing using cell production

Sawyer was introduced for assembly and inspection. Workers are now only in charge of preparation for later processes, greatly improving efficiency.

  • ・Reduction of worker burden
  • ・Stabilization of quality
  • ・Simplified safety systems

Machining of machine parts

I want to prepare for the retirement of workers who use NC machine tools

Metal parts are held and set and machined by NC machine
tools, Introducing sawyer for post-processing palletizing

  • ・Automate monotonous tasks
  • ・Synchronized with machine tools for stable production
  • ・Reduces the risk of human injury and accid

Strength and durability tests

I want to efficiently conduct strength and durability tests on various products

Introducing sawyer for repetitive human testing tasks

  • ・Supports a variety of movements
  • ・Ensure repetitive tasks are performed
  • ・Capable of testing a wide variety of products and types

System configuration


Weight (robot body) 22kg
Arm Degrees of Freedom 7
Payload (of a vehicle) 4kg (including hand section)
Built-in camera Wrist ・・・ Cognex camera
*Head・・・ Wide-view camera
(*Available only in the SDK version)
Power Detection Force sensing function for all axes
Power (button on TV, etc.) 100VAC (max.480W)
Designed with safety in mind Output/force limiting function,
arm with flexibility,
safety category: 3,performance level: d
Basic software Intera™

About Rethink Robotics GmbH

Sawyer is a collaborative robot developed and produced by Rethink Robotics.
In order to realize its mission of "making robots more accessible, easier to use, and more practical," the company is engaged in manufacturing and developing robots using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and actuator technologies.