Notice Concerning Various Measuring and Evaluation Devices

Various measurement and evaluation devices (former Optel products)
Notice of end of after-sales service

Dear customers

Dear Sir or Madam, we would like to express my gratitude for the continued success of your company.
Thank you very much for your continued support.

Now, regarding the various measuring devices and evaluation devices (former Optel products) that have been sold since 1989 and have been used regularly for a long time, sales of various devices have been gradually discontinued since 2007, and as of May 2014, after the delivery of the ionization potential measuring device, we have discontinued the sale of the device. Since then, we have continued to provide after-sales services centered on maintenance, but the 7-year service period ended in May 2021.
Therefore, we apologize for the inconvenience, but we will be discontinuing after-sales service for various devices. Thank you for your understanding.

- Notice -

1. Target device

  • Ionization potential measuring device [Model: PCR101, PYS-201, PYS-202]
  • Mobility measurement device (time of flight) [Model: TOF-301, TOF-401]
  • Spectral sensitivity measuring device [Model: SRM series]
  • Organic EL life evaluation device [Model: AGS-101]
  • Other measurement and evaluation equipment (Optel brand products) manufactured and sold by Optel, Sumiju Advanced Machinery, Sumitomo Heavy Industries Mechatronics, and Sumitomo Heavy Industries Mechatronics Division.

2. After-sales service end date

May 25th, 2021