Key components in Airsonic actuators

These system features are supported by the following components:

Dedicated controller PS-100

This dedicated controller for pneumatic actuators is equipped with a proprietary control algorithm, enabling not only fast, high-precision positioning but also high-precision load control. Position control by pulse-train commands is possible via the interface with the host controller, enabling usability resembling that of a servo motor. Highly versatile analog voltage commands are used as load commands, which makes it easy to incorporate the unit into existing control systems. Serial communication (RS-422/RS-485 level) and connections via digital interface are also supported as options.

Pneumatic actuator

The actuator is impressively compact and lightweight, as clean, dry air is used as the drive source. Even under heavy loads, no heat is generated and actuator performance helps reduce the system cycle time. With air bearings, no greasing or similar upkeep is needed, which keeps the environment clean and simplifies maintenance considerably.

The unit incorporates high-precision position and pressure sensors. Position and load control can be integrated with a low-inertia piston. The piston is equipped with an unlimited rotation mechanism, and vacuum ports for suction. With a structure that facilitates motor and suction head attachment, the unit can be kept compact while adding a head rotation mechanism or chip suction functionality.