Key technologies in Airsonic actuators

Load control

For load control, cylinder load values are estimated from the pressure differential of the pressure chamber in the actuator. Any deviation in load conversion values from object pick-up or pressure sensor drift is canceled and compensated for automatically. With a load range of 0.1–50 N, the actuator provides highly linear performance with little variation.

Positioning/load switching control

Positioning/load control switching is an application of our proprietary technology. After contact with objects, operation switches from positioning to load control, as this contact is automatically determined at high speed. Being able to control the pressing load on objects enables the actuator to reduce the force of impact and load, and highly responsive switching to load control becomes possible without overshoot.

Air bearings

Two air bearings support the piston rod to form a high-precision guide. This enhances the precision of straight-ahead motion and makes the actuator more robust relative to radial load.